Delicious chocolate chips cookies get married with a trickle of olive oil

This is the first recipe I want to share with you… probably because it is one of the simplest and nicest I have ever made. It is so nice to always have a nice box of cookies, ready to eat when friends are coming over. I can already picture the smile of my daughter when, in a few years, she comes back from school, smells the dark chocolate melting in the oven and starts skipping around the kitchen filled with excitment! That will be so magic! But for now, I get the childish face of my husband, sneaking into the kitchen with  a dazzling but somehow funny smile on his face 🙂

English is not my native language so I hope you’ll forgive me for the mistakes I may make, the misunderstandings I might create and the foolish things I might sometimes say without meaning it!

DSCF6495The vegan chocolate chips cookies married with a trickle of olive oil (short title!)  – 10 cookies – 25 minutes:

– 100g baking chocolate ( 64% cacao) (about 4 ounces)

– 7 cl olive oil (a bit less than 1/3 cup)

– 150 g flour ( about 1 1/4 cup)

– 80 g brown sugar (about 1/2 cup)

– 1/2 banana ( in case you would not have any banana, you can use 75g unsweetened apple sauce)

– 5.5g baking powder ( about 1 tea spoon)

Preheat oven at 150°C – 300°F

Mash the banana and mix it with sugar. Add flour and oil. Stir together.

Crush chocolate in relatively big pieces (0,5 cm width/ 0.2 inch ). Blend to the previous mixture with the baking powder.

With this pastry, make 10 little balls that you’ll put on a baking sheet. Make sure you leave around 5 cm/2 inch in between them so that they won’t stick to one another when baking.

Put in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes … if you like them crunchy, do not hesitate to leave them for those 20 minutes.


Original recipe: here


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