Butternut and zucchini flowers pancakes

French used to tend to translate everything they could from English to French… and that makes sense when you know how hard it is to pronounce this language… I mean, the first time I saw the word “schedule”, my head was litteraly spinning and I thought I got kicked by a virtual hammer… how I am going to say this word out loud without being really ridiculous?

Well, I guess French people started to feel more confident about themself as they don’t go to “réunions” anymore but to “meeting” and they do not “vérifient” anything but prefer “checking” … so here is the thing… it also came to food! So who said French were obsessed about their French cuisine and only sworn by it? This  has been unseated… here they are, covering our outside markets and prompting some funny reactions…the Butternuts. And how do you say butternut in French? well, just “butternut”.

These veggies are so beautiful… I decided I wanted to make something out of it! Well but what? I had a rather attractive option but quite frankly, I could not make the best out of it : a butternut cake I found on this very cute website. But as I was dawdling along the supermarket stalls, I saw some flowers.

The pretty zucchini flowers. Voilà! They will look beautiful together, side to side. The butternut and its little flower united by their sweetness.

DSCF7051Butternut and zucchini flowers pancakes – about 20 pancakes – 20 minutes preparation and put aside for 30 minutes: 

– 1/2 butternut;

– 150g zucchini flowers ;

– 150 g flour;

– 100g wholemeal flower;

– 50 cl low fat milk;

– 50 g margarine;

– 2 tablespoons sugar;

– 2 teaspoons mint;

– 1 teaspoon pepper;

– olive oil;

– optional 6 to 8 tabasco drops

In a large bowl, mix the 2 kinds of flowers, add the milk and whisk well.

After that add the melted margarine, the sugar, mint, salt and pepper and stir together. If you feel like having a spicy taste, you can add some tabasco drops (I’ve done it 🙂)

Put a cling film above the bowl and leave the preparation in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cut the butternut into thin slices. Wash the zucchini flowers after having taken the pistil away.

Dip the slices and the flowers into the pancake dough. Heat the pan with olive oil.

Put one slice of butternut and one flower together, well dipped into the dough. Brown the two sides over medium heat (about 3 minutes each side).

Have fun, it is really tasty!


I had a left over of pastry so I added some more tabasco and celeri salt…That is really tasty to serve with tomatoes.




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