Sexy winter soup – forget the grandma look!

Well I don’t know about you but here, spring hasn’t clearly been showing up yet. We are experiencing those kinds of endless winters. Your boots getting reaped off on the seams from using them way too much. Swaddling the baby who does not really appreciate it and pulls you out the long face everytime, wrapping yourself up into tons of layers, trying to go out but realizing it’s pouring down even more than you actually though and eventually coming home and rushing to the kitchen drawer, where – thanks Lord- you’ll find the chocolate and get better.

After swallowing the chocolate compulsively, you will probably feel bad and think about how to catch up…

What about a healthy winter soup? That sounds good. But usually looks bad.

Let’s make it nice! Here is a sexy soup I thought about after going to a Thai restaurant… totally out of the blue because there is nothing like thai food here but you know, my mind’s going all kind of places.

The Sexy winter soup – 2 persons – 40 minutes (30 if you are well organized 🙂 and 1 hour if you’re chatting with your girlfriend in the same time) :

DSCF7178For the soup itself:

– 10 big kale leaves (thinking about kale makes me think about this beautiful blog you should urgently visit);

– About 3 cm or 1.5 inch fresh ginger;

– 3 garlic teeth;

– 1 leek;

– 1 light green zucchini;

– 1/2 butternut or pumpkin;

– 3 bread slices;

– 15 mint leaves;

– 3 branches parsley;

– 1/2 lemon zest;

– 1 spring onion

For the fish (Louisiana style) :

– 4 whitings;

– 2 table spoons paprika;

– 1 tea spoon origano;

– 1 tea spoon Cayenne pepper;

– 1 tea spoon brown sugar;

– 1/2 tea spoon salt;

– 1/2 tea spoon pepper;

– 2 table spoons canola oil


Cut the leek, the zucchini and the butternut in relativerly big pieces. Steam in the pressure cooker for about 20 minutes.

Put in the blender and mix with mint leaves, parsley, lemon zest, salt and pepper. You can add two spoons of low fat cream.

Chop garlic and ginger. On a large pan warm some olive oil and put garlic and ginger for 1 minute. On the top of it, warm both sides of the kale leaves on medium fire. You can leave each side on the pan for about 2 to 3 minutes. Set the leaves aside and add remaining garlic and ginger to the vegetables mixture. Blend.

Take the bread and place it in the grill (200°C or 400°F) for about 5-7 minutes so that it gets tough. When done, crush them.


In a small bowl mix paprika, origano, Cayenne pepper, sugar, salt and pepper. Brush the fish with canola oil then sprinkle with the spices. Heat some margarina on the pan and cook the fish on low fire for about 3 minutes each side.

Cover one bowl with about 5 kale leaves so that it wraps the all inside of the bowl.

Pour the soup and the fish on the top. Sprinkle with bread crush and snipped spring onion.

Serve with lemon and tabasco 🙂



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