The salmon tartare that wanted to be like a sushi so that people would love him even though it is raw

” I want it raw!”

” No you’ll have it rare!”

” Oh please, I love to eat like wolves. It’s like chocolate lovers want it very dark, well meat eaters want it raw. The pure essence.”

This is me as an akward 8 years old kid, agreeing to eat steak only if it was not bake. My grandma’s heart was shrinking every time. Nowadays, there is just no way I would eat beef anymore (not because I don’t like it, I love it) but that’s another story.

The thing is that I am still obsessed with eating raw things… sorry for the ones that just cannot get along with that. My husband and I were at a restaurant in the old touristic city of Lyon the other night and a group of American guys were trying to ask something to the waiter who could not get much of what they were saying ( I guessed so according to the way he was stupidly nodding the all time). They kept on repeating the same sentence, making sure that the message would be heard: ” We want something normal, something like pasta, something normal, something NOT RAW!”

A few minutes after, one of the guy commented on the food some of the customers were getting (snails :/) and said that snails for French were probably like sushis for Americans. First, this is a funny comment. But what’s funnier is that sushi is raw food. So everybody loves raw food right?

So let’s have a salmon tartare like my mum used to make with some friendly sushi reminders…


The salmon tartare that wanted to be like a sushi so that people would love him even though it is raw – 10 minutes – 1 glass: 

– 1 salmon steak

– 1/4 cucumber

– 1 teaspoon sweet soja

– 1/2 lemon

– 1/2 shallot

– 3-4 drops tabasco

– some dill

– some dry lemongrass

Chop the salmon into small cubes. Mince the shallot. Mix the two of them together and add the juice of halt a lemon, few drops of tabasco, a pinch or two of dill and salt. Mix together gently.

Cut the cucumber into very small cubes. Add sweet soja and 1 pinch or 2 of dry lemongrass.

In a glass, put the cucumber first then the salmon. You can add an additional layer of cucumber on the top to make it even prettier.



I want to add something regarding raw food. I am a bit of obsessed with things being healthy this is why I always buy fresh salmon from fish culture from the fisherman. It is important because wild salmons eat worms which are harmless for them but which can make us sick if we are eating the salmon without baking it. Then I place it in the freezer for 7 days and then defrost it just before making the tartare. This kills most of the possible germs and is obviously safer. I know they have a special freezer in sushis restaurant. 


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