Vegan tofu steak will spice up your day

Well, there is something you should know about me… I admire vegan people. To be vegan, you don’t only need to make concessions but you also need to stick to it… what I am obviously not so good at. I confess, I am not ready to give up on fish yet.

But it is true that there are some very good alternatives down there that can be just as tasty as a juicy steak. I had no doubt about it. I made my first vegan steack a while ago but I thought you might be interested in trying it. Not only for the experiment. Also for the taste.

I am on vacations right now what might explain why I am posting a bit less. My mum’s in the kitchen and it is hard to compete 🙂 I have something in mind for today though.

This recipe is inspired from the following one. Get ready because this is spicy!

DSCF6814Vegan tofu steak will spice up your day – 4/5 steaks – 15 minutes preparation  – 10 cooking:

– 250 g tofu (about 2 cups);

– 2 garlic teeth;

– 1 minced onion;

– 1/3 bunch flat-leaf parsley;

– 1 table spoon flour;

– 3/4 of a small glass of oat flakes + 2 to 3 tea spoons of oat bran OR 1 glass of oat flakes (oat is really good against cholesterol but be careful with oat bran because it has to be consumed in reasonable quantity that is to say not more than 2 table spoons a day) 

– 1 table spoon soja sauce;

– 1 1/2 table spoon mustard;

– 2 teaspoon sesame;

– a bit of water

Cut the tofu in very small pieces just like if you were mincing it. Smash it with your fingers or with a fork in order to crumble it. Then mix it with all the ingredients except water. See what’s the consistency looks like. If you can already make balls with them, start right away. Make about 4 to 5 balls, flaten them a bit.

If not, add a bit of water until you get the desired consistency.

Cook on the pan at medium heat 5 minutes each side.

Enjoy… it is so tasty!



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