Well, this all started on a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding with my body and I.

I am used to always pass exam and usually with honors (you can see I hate false modesty :)). This is why I went to the lab with a lot of confidence… if not more than that. Knowing that I live quite healthy, there would be no reason why I would have cholesterol.

You can see it coming I know. This story I am telling you is like a bad movie because obviously when I opened up my mail box a couple of days after, I discovered not only that I had a body packed with cholesterol but also that this body had been stupid enough to absorb mostly the bad one. “You’re kidding me?”. My body answered: “Ain’t no joke buddy!”….

Mmm… first I am not a “buddy” and secondly you’d better be quiet now…because I am concoting something you’re not ready to forget.

This is when my husband came back from work and started to say… “what smells that good?”.

This is when I started wearing an apron.

This is when I started ignoring half of the supermarket.

This is when I started to feel better and have so much fun listening to jazz music while cooking.




Making simple food with simple ingredients. Making food without cholesterol so that people can see how delicious that can be.

Making your kids smile with yummy sweets and being able to share them with them.

Being proud of cooking differently and understanding that after all butter and eggs are no fundamentals.



26 years old. Needs to do more sport during the weeks. Loves making collages.

Thinks that when it’s sunny even hanging the laundry can be fun.

Thinks waking up in the middle of the night is nothing if it is to see your 5-month old smiling at you with your shiny eyes at 3 in the morning.

In case of headache, would rather recommend to go outside and drink a fruit shake than to stay home and swallow an aspirine.


Important to know 

DSCF0238I am French. English mistakes are therefore unavoidable.

Personal beliefs led me to stop consuming any kind of mammels meat. Sorry for those who love it… you won’t find any on my blog. It is a good news anyway… those personal believes match with reducing cholesterol.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Sweet friend! You are an awesome writer and it is so good to read about what is going on in your life plus benefit from healthy recipes! I also have some problems with foods and am trying to keep my new husband and I healthier, so this is wonderful! Keep going! xxx

    • My dear Esther… I hope my recipes can inspire you in preparing a wonderful dinner with your husband. You look so beautiful in your weeding dress… I am sure your husband was stunned when he saw you.
      I wish you both the same amount of happiness we are experiencing every day, the magic feeling of being united for life.

  2. Hello! I almost died with joy when I saw that I am one of the blogs you love reading! 🙂 Thank you so much! I want to say I think your English is great. I am learning German right now and it is so hard. Just keep working on it! I look forward to more posts on your blog! Cheers!

    • Well, I have to say I started to focus more on my french blog than on this one because it is really hard to keep up with both. I love your blog, the pictures look great and everything looks so tasty! I am probably going to be reading your blog more and more because my husband and I decided to have a Vegan Friday… and hopefully Vegan Weekends pretty soon!
      Good luck with German… I know what you’re going through… I also speak this language and it is freaking hard!!! …but it is a really fascinating language to speak and read!

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